Thursday, May 23, 2013

the beautiful birddog press owner ~ allison bozeman

Allison Bozeman of BirdDog Press is clearly a lover of letterpress and an incredibly talented designer, not only in her own personal work but as a graphic designer Whole Foods, hence the fabulous signage you see throughout. We're thrilled to be offering three unique workshops on this ancient art of printing this summer ~ Farmstead Stationery, Letterpress Invitational and Cheers to Letterpress, as there is something quite special about the handmade nature of each printed piece. We can't wait for our letterpress students to not only create their own personal designs, but to experience what it feels like to press the ink into each piece of paper. 

Get to know our lovely letterpress teacher below! 


UPPERCASE Magazine is at the top of my inspiration library.

A summer hike you love. 
Alongside a creek or lake anywhere!

A favorite summer vegetable.
nothing beats a good homegrown heirloom tomato

Favorite food hangout in town.
the FORK on the back porch!

A cannonball into the lake, popsicle screams summer.

A risk you’re glad you took.
Having a 1200lb letterpress dropped off in my garage one spring.

A favorite gift you’ve received.
If it is handmade with love, it is my favorite.

What you love most about what you do.
The moment the form presses into the paper.

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do.
Too many ideas, too little time

The lesson I keep learning.
Sometimes you just have to say no.

My go-to outfit.
Hat and wild socks

Daily practice
Reading with my 6 year old

Any tricks for finding life balance?
breathe a LOT. live in the crevices.


Thank you Allison! 

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