Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tamar & her stunning soft sculptures

To have Tamar Mogendorff among our outstanding teacher team at the Makerie Sewing retreat is quite an incredible honor, to say the least. It took me several years (for real!) to reach Tamar and was so excited to finally connect with her last summer when I had the wonderful chance to get to know her in person. I spent some time in her Brooklyn studio, surrounded by her magical bird cages, watchful owls, deer with bashful eyes and long eyelashes, each with a unique charm and European flair. It was fascinating to learn about how she approaches her projects and the wonderful ways she brings her creations to life, something Tamar's students will also learn in her Soft Sculpture workshops in April. Her work has been featured around the world and in gorgeous publications such as Sweet Paul Magazine, Selvedge, and The New York Times just to name a few.

We can't wait to have her in Boulder & wanted to give you the chance to learn a little more about Tamar too.


What is your favorite food obsession right now?
not eating gluten, almonds, dry figs with my coffee in the morning, avocado & kotej cheese

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What's for breakfast?
dry figs, fruits, almonds, lots of coffee

A wish that came true.
living in NY, being creative everyday

What risk are you glad you took?
coming to NY with nothing; I jumped into deep water many times in my life

If you could learn a creative skill other than your profession, what would it be?
textile design or clay

A favorite gift you’ve received.
my cat tulu ~ got him from a friend the day I arrived to NY; and I received lots of art pieces from friends over the years & have a big collection ~ a good one!

A condiment you love.
black paper, cumin, zaatar

What book do you keep on your coffee table?
the 10 books I am in the middle of reading, a variety of literature, poetry & art

What you love most about what you do.
the places and people it has give me the chance to see/meet; being creative everyday; playing in my own playground

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do.
that it is a lot of work

_________ is at the top of my inspiration library.
Inspiration comes to me from everywhere. I don't have a particular book or movie or anything, as it can come while I'm walking around, dreaming or chatting.

Any tricks for finding life balance?
Growing up I guess. Surrounding myself with people I love, who love me & care for me.

Any trade secrets/words of wisdom you’d like to divulge?


Thank you Tamar!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

our etsy team holiday gathering!

What a marvelous time we had at our very first Etsy Team holiday party! Each time we get a group of people together for one of our events, it always refreshes my spirit and reminds me about the heart of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Every single person who has been involved in the Makerie in any way is amazing and I just can't believe the beautiful creative community that is being formed because of this little event we started. What a wonderful mix of people who came last night ~ volunteers, participants, one of our awesome local teachers, and even our Whole Foods contest winner ~ gathering together at Fabricate, one of our favorite local sewing boutiques, for some fun holiday crafts and yummy treats and wine. We made burlap wreaths (thanks to the super generous donation of coffee sacks from Conscious Coffees) and decorated cute burlap bags with colorful felt balls to wrap around mini-trees (inspired by the sweet idea from Sunset Magazine). There is something quite magical about getting a group of people together to make something with their hands ~ a quiet hum, some great conversations in between and simply an unspoken language of how meaningful it is to create something side by side, in person. It is truly the essence of what the Makerie means to me and I couldn't feel more honored to give people the gift of making creativity a priority, even for a short time. A huge thank you to Etsy for their wonderful support, to Fabricate for hosting us and to each and every person who came last night. You're the heart of the Makerie's creative community and I feel so very lucky.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

sweet samantha!

I have adored Samantha Hirst and her work since the day I discovered her fabulous site ~ quite awhile ago. Her simple, modern approachable style, not to mention her warm and inviting way, is something I love and rightfully so, has caught the eye of fabulous boutiques around the country, like the coveted Terrain. We were so lucky she wanted to teach at the Makerie this year, as she's currently taking a 'creative sabbatical' (don't you love the thought of that?) and filling her days with cups of coffee with her husband, sharing magical moments with her children and truly giving herself the gift of time to work on new design ideas. Oh she's a woman after my own heart and I greatly admire how she recognized what she needed and took action by giving herself a breather from the fast pace of life we all seem to be living. It's such a special treat to have Sam teaching the art of block printing ~ Inky Fingers ~ in April so if you're at all interested in learning this technique (which can be applied in a gazillion ways!), this is a fabulous opportunity not to miss. Oh and as an extra special bonus, Samantha is designing our goodie bags this year and we can't wait! Get to know the sweet Sam below and if you do want to take her workshop in April, please don't delay, as her class have been very popular and spots are going fast.


What is your favorite food obsession right now?
avocados - in mango salsa, with hummus for lunch, on top of my tacos; if it can have avocado on/in it -it does.

What did you want to be when I grew up? 
a teacher

Whatʼs for breakfast?
granola with almond milk and blueberries, or alternately, a banana and chocolate chip cookie (donʼt tell my kids), and always two cups of coffee.

What you love most about what you do? 
The first time I pull a new print is always a surprise. I love that moment.

The most challenging part about what you do. 
Ink stains on my clothes.

Any tricks for finding life balance? 
I choose to focus on whatʼs important each day and try to find as much time as I can to breathe - whether that means a cup of tea in the afternoon, a quick swim after work, or sneaking in a few extra snuggles with my kids in the evening.

Any trade secrets? 
Thereʼs no such thing as the ʻrightʼ way to do something. Great art is created when people aren't afraid to break the rules.


Thanks Samantha!