Monday, May 20, 2013

seriously great goodie bags!

image by Teryn Wilkes

I had hoped to get this post up a few weeks ago so here I am (and happy to be back!) to share our goodie bags from our Makerie weekend retreats. They were just full of incredible treats this year! Allie Olson & Teri Lema were the dynamic duo behind the scenes over here reaching out to companies and coordinating loads of pick ups to fill the bags with so many beautiful items that represented the essence of our event and what we stand for ~ a creative, healthy and sustainable way of living. An enormous thank you to both of them (and to our awesome team of volunteers who helped stuff them!) for making this project not only possible but fantastic to boot. Like last year, the bags came from Hands on Hemp, a thoughtful local business that makes reusable fruit, veggie and bulk bags. The farmers market vendors and grocery store cashiers love them and it always feels good to shop for produce in a greener way. I hope they are getting lots of love and use from those who received them! eQuilter ~ right here in our own backyard ~ was our fantastic sewing bag sponsor and we were so grateful for their support. As an extra special bonus, I have had the wonderful chance to get to know the wonderful Luana, eQuilter's founder, and have treasured our conversations. Everyone adored the two different bag designs, chosen from a contest we ran in the Art of Surface Pattern Design e-course. We are truly appreciative of the incredible support from our growing community and can't thank everyone enough for making these bags such a special part of both Makerie weekends! 

Below is the list and links of the wonderful companies and boutiques that contributed. We love them all! 



image by Linda Winski

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