Wednesday, June 26, 2013

meet the marvelous mia ~ owner of two hands paperie

Mia Semingson is a creative dynamo ~ every way you look at it. Not only does she own the best paper boutique in town ~ Two Hands Paperie ~ but she's an extremely talented artist too who also happens to teach incredible workshops at the likes of the esteemed Anderson Ranch. It has been so much fun getting to know Mia and her awesome team over the past year, working together on our Makerie weekend retreat and events surrounding it. We have been truly touched by her generous support and the countless volunteer hours she gives to the Makerie and we are more than thrilled to have her teaching a pretty spectacular Pajaki Paper Chandelier workshop for our July Summer Series event. You can create endless, beautiful paper lantern designs that would clearly brighten any space ~ just ask Design Sponge!

The marvelous Mia took some time to answer a few of our fun questions so you had the chance to get to know how fabulous she was too. 


All of Sophie Calle’s photo projects are at the top of my inspiration library.  

A favorite summer vegetable. 
Anything from my garden! Especially fresh tomatoes and basil.

Favorite food hangout in town. 
Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place... Locally owned by three sisters, amazing food and fun atmosphere. They also cater to many different dietary needs.

Making ice cream in our backyard with our old fashioned ice cream maker screams summer.

A risk you’re glad you took.
Buying Two Hands Paperie three years ago. It has been an amazing adventure.

A favorite gift you’ve received.
My eight year old wrapped up a Christmas gift all by himself this past holiday season and it included a handwritten card with a drawing of our family and a piece of chocolate from his Halloween loot.  A gift from the heart!

What you love most about what you do.
There is never a dull moment. I get to meet so many wonderful creative people in our shop. I am constantly being inspired by our customers.

The lesson I keep learning.
To confront issues head and not put it off.

Daily practice
I write one or two sentences in a five-year journal about my son.  I love to read my entries every once in awhile and I look forward to passing it on to him when he is older. 

Any tricks for finding life balance?
Take time of for yourself. Spend time alone doing the things you love.


Thank you so much Mia! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

san fran-tasticness!

Heath Ceramics ~ heaven!
San Francisco. WHAT a city! I just got back from a long, amazing weekend there and thought it might be fun to share a few of the favorite things we did and places we explored. The main purpose of the trip was work related but we managed to squeeze in a bit of play time too! Emily and I had a fabulous meeting with the terrific and talented Creativebug team, shared a wonderful meal with our photography teacher Alessandra Cave and did some workshop research at an incredible Japanese bookstore's craft section {heaven!}.  Just meeting with the Creativebug team was an experience on its own! Visiting their creative offices (you can only imagine, right?) and seeing their talented team working together was incredibly inspirational and I couldn't be more excited to be collaborating with them on a special project that will be shared soon! It just so happened we were there for the San Francisco Etsy Craft Party, held at the Creativebug offices, which was such a fun coincidence. We not only made fun artist trading cards, but some new wonderful friends too!

So here's a little list of some of our favorites {with thanks to several sweet friends who recommended them!}

Bar Tartine
Bun Mee
Mariposa Bakery
Pressed Juicery

boutiques & shops
Fillmore & Hayes Streets (many great shops found here)
Ferry Building
Heath Ceramics
Make Shift Society

I certainly left at least part of my heart there and can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

meet the lovely shanti ~ our farm fresh floral arranging teacher

It's an endless joy to know how to take the beauty of your surrounding environment and bring it into your home. Flowers are incredibly versatile ~ creating a cheerful home, decor for a dinner party or even just a beautiful everyday focal point. There is an art to floral design and we are thrilled to be offering a Farm Fresh Flower Arranging workshop on July 7, taught by local love and very talented Shanti Shultz. A floral designer and ceramic artist for over 10 years, Shanti's passion is creating beautiful flower arrangements that brighten life's treasured moments. From her experience working on an organic farm, Shanti is well versed in the growing season of our local blooms and is passionate about bringing this natural environment into our homes and celebrations. Students will take a peaceful walk through the farm, harvesting flowers with different colors, smells and textures and learn how to put it together. Flowers are works of art all on their own, but when arranged in a beautiful manner create a masterpiece. 

Get to know this wonderful flower designer below!


A summer hike you love.
The Royal Arches and Longs Peak.

A favorite summer vegetable. 

Favorite food hangout in town. 
The farmer's market in the summertime.

__________ screams summer.

A risk you’re glad you took.
There are so many!

A favorite gift you’ve received.

What you love most about what you do. 
The colors and textures and discovering nature's artist.

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do. 
Water is heavy at 8 lbs a gallon! 
The lesson I keep learning.
Enjoy every moment.
My go-to outfit. 
A cozy hooded sweatshirt.

Daily practice.
Walking my dog.

Any tricks for finding life balance? 
Laughing at myself. 


Thanks so much Shanti! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

the sweet shannon of hot mama designs

When you meet Shannon, you are immediately drawn in by her awesome energy and contagious laugh. She and her business partner Sahra are the creators of Hot Mama and Sugar Soul Studio, adorning women and their families with inspiring jewelry pieces that are created to tell a special story and celebrate life.  Each of their uniquely designed pieces are clearly works of art and you can feel the joy these women have in making them by hand ~ every single one. We are truly thrilled to have Shannon teaching a Daisy Chain jewelry making workshop in July and can't wait for her students to create their own special works of art. Not only will they love the energy Shannon brings into her classes, but will adore their one-of-a-kind inspired jewelry they will bring home. In case you're wondering where to find this talented two-some, they'll be exhibiting at multiple fabulous events this summer. We just know you'll love them and their jewelry line as much as we do! Without further ado, get to know the inspiring, sweet Shannon below. 


Raw metal is at the top of my inspiration library

A summer hike I love is anywhere in Boulder where I can see wildflowers. Little blue flowers are my very favorite. 

A favorite summer vegetable
I love tomatoes with lots of fancy salt from the spice shop. Or maybe ratatouille with lots of basil on top. Both are favorites so it's a tie. 

Little boys of mine in bathing suits with freckles screams summer.

Risk I am glad I took.
Starting my business with a new baby. After giving birth I thought I could do just about anything. I still feel the same way. 

Favorite gift.
My business partner Sahra made an inspiration board for me at the studio as a surprise without my asking. She knew I had saved postcards and pictures of art that I loved for YEARS. She found a board I had covered in linen, put all the inspirational images on it & hung it in my studio space. It makes me feel happy, inspired and loved every day. 

What I love most about what I do.
The connection with people, when someone "gets" my art. When someone tells me that my jewelry is their favorite thing and they wear it everyday. When I am walking down the street and see someone wearing my jewelry that I don't know. When I hear that my work makes someone happy. I feel privileged and honored to be able to adorn people with pieces that celebrate life's important moments. 

The most challenging or difficult part about what I do. 
Too many ideas to express in the allotted time that I have to express them. 

The lesson I keep learning.
That life, happiness, joy, sadness and grief are all intertwined and often surprisingly happen simultaneously. 

My go-to outfit.
Black short sundress, chunky sandals, big sterling cuff bracelets. 

Daily practice.
Cooking. It makes me really happy and relaxes me. I get lots of creative ideas and solve many problems when I am deep into making a recipe.

Tricks for life balance. 
Ha I am the last person to ask on this subject. I like to move my body (I love dancing) eat yummy food, be with my kids, spend time with my friends and family, and making things with my hands.  If I am doing all of these things on a semi-regular basis then I am a pretty happy woman. 


Thanks so much Shannon! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the very first creative day retreat!

*image by Teryn Wilkes

We had an extraordinary day at the first of three Makerie Summer Series events presented by Whole Foods Market Boulder! We held wonderful creative and homesteading workshops, ate meals filled with local, organic farm fresh ingredients on picnic blankets for lunch and shared one big, beautiful community table for a truly fabulous farm dinner. The classes were held by the river, under shaded trees and even on a beautiful bridge. The pace was relaxed and peaceful and my favorite quote of the day was from a sweet participant who shared that her day 'was just like a day at the spa, except she got to take something home with her.' I thought that summed up the retreat so beautifully! We even had a group of three generations and helped them create a memory for a lifetime. Creativity has no boundaries and this was a treasured example of that. I feel very grateful for the chance to work with so many inspiring people and wanted to give an enormous, heartfelt thanks to the following for making this day so special for everyone involved.

*Emily of Tea with Lola for her dedication and incredible work with the Makerie. She's such a gem to us!

*each and every special participant that gave themselves a day to play and joined us for the very first creative day retreat on the farm

*Betsy and Mike ~ owners of The Lyons Farmette ~ for opening up their home and farm to us and for being the perfect venue.

*Whole Foods for being an unbelievable supporter of this series of events and for their generosity, help and thoughtfulness throughout the planning process.

*Eat Private Chef and Catering Co. and team, Crust. Rustic Wood Fired Pizza and Whole Foods for the incredible meals

*our fantastic teacher team that taught the best workshops ~ Corey from Fabricate, Amber and Jaime of Fancy Tiger Crafts, Allison of BirdDog Press, Tonja of Moondance Botanicals and Ben of MM Local Foods.

*Spoonflower for printing our adorable MM Local recipe tea towels gifts and Studio Meez for designing them

*Ben of MM Local foods for being our lunchtime inspirational speaker and sharing his wonderful story of how his fantastic business came to be. He showed us how his creativity and tenacity helped cultivate a thoughtful and successful company, the kind that everyone would feel good supporting.

*Teryn Wilkes, Casie Zalud & Ryan for capturing the day with their cameras

*Couture Colorado for the wonderful opportunity to share our story


We can't wait to do this again in July & August so grab some friends and come spend a wonderful creative day away on the farm!