Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the ever-inspiring janine!

Words cannot express how inspired we are by Janine Vangool and UPPERCASE, the incredible magazine she publishes, edits and designs. (Yes ~ she does it all!) It's quite an honor to have her as a teacher at this year's Makerie retreat, as we've admired her for so long. We had a fabulous Skype session over the summer where she shared an amazing vision she had for a special Makerie project. I couldn't stop smiling as she painted the picture of what she envisioned and now we're bringing it to life ~ I can't believe it. I love many things about her idea, especially how it involves everyone at the retreat, not just the students who will be taking her class. But for those who will be taking her Crafting Content workshops, they will be gifted with the knowledge of curating and creating content during this collaborative weekend-long bookmaking experience. Through photography and writing, they will document the Makerie and its people and assemble the elements into a unique handmade, limited-edition commemorative book. Students will learn how to bind books using a hidden stapling technique that is perfect for art journals, photobooks and other projects you might be dreaming of. And if that wasn't enough, each student will be considered for future collaborations with UPPERCASE magazine and some of the content possibly published on the UPPERCASE blog or in future issues. How amazing is that? If there has been a book sitting in your own heart, this incredibly special opportunity to spend a day with Janine just might be what you're looking for.

Here's a little insight into what she's all about and a fabulous live interview here.


What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a botanist or geolomgist… I used to love drawing flowers in my sketchbook and reading little science books about rocks and copying the diagrams into my notebooks. Then I realized that I simply loved doing the layout of my sketchbooks and notebooks and realized that I really wanted to make books when I grew up. I also used to make mini magazines (it was called Crafts ‘n’ Things) and force my family to sign them out of my mini library.

A wish that came true.
My childhood with to make magazines and books has come true! As an adult I am so happy to be doing what I love.


Thanks Janine!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

incredible aran!

We are so very excited to welcome back Aran Goyoaga to the Makerie in 2013! We are still mesmerized by the gorgeous images that came out of her classes last year. Aran is the author of the beautiful blog, Canelle et Vanille, where she showcases her inspirational take on recipes (that happen to be gluten free ~ which you'd never guess!) along with stunning, styled images that leave us wishing we could jump in and take a bite. This year Aran will be teaching two courses ~ Fabulous Food & Prop Styling and Food Photography on a Farm. Yes, on an actual farm and a rather special one at that ~ the Lyons Farmette. Whole Foods Boulder is sponsoring both of Aran's workshops and we're working on some pretty exciting things behind the scenes over here. We couldn't be more proud and excited for Aran's official book release yesterday: Small Plates and Sweet Treats: My Family's Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking. We just ordered our copy and can't wait to add it to our cookbook shelf. Get to know the adorable Aran below! 


What is your favorite food obsession right now? 
I have to say that probably Michel Cluizel chocolate. I have a little bit nearly everyday after lunch.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 
I have no idea honestly. I remember when I was 14 standing up in class answering the same question and I think I said I wanted to be a telecom engineer. It came out of the blue as I had never even thought about it. Of course that never realized nor did the thought cross my mind.

What's for breakfast? 
Usually porridge with fruit and an egg.

A wish that came true. 
To work in food.

A favorite gift you’ve received. 
The clothes my great-aunt knitted for my children when they were born. I still have them neatly wrapped in blue paper and stored for when they have children.

A condiment you love. 
I’m not much of a condiment person. Does sea salt count?

What you love most about what you do. 
The creativity, the freedom when I get to experiment with food and colors ... Also that I get to travel.

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do. 
To feel stuck – when creativity doesn’t flow and I feel saturated. It’s not always easy to keep things fresh maintaining your own perspective and style.

_________ is at the top of my inspiration library.
Donna Hay.

Any tricks for finding life balance? 
I am not sure there is such a thing. When one side thrives in my life, the others usually suffer. It’s about being able to juggle both sides without going insane or neglecting the important things. Not easy for sure. For me, it’s been about dedicating time to work when I had an important project and having my husband step into a supporting role. Then I have periods of time that I am not working and I am with my children at home. I also try to take my children as much as possible when I travel so that helps.


Thanks Aran!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sharing our story

It's not often an opportunity comes along like this so I feel really grateful that Monica of Smart Creative Women invited me to share our story. I'm really quite shy and tend to get a little nervous in these situations, but Monica truly put me at ease with her relaxed, conversational style in a way that almost made me forget we were 'live' ~ well almost. :) 

What's even more fun is that several of our wonderful teachers, both past and current, have been interviewed on the show too ~ Amy ButlerJanine Vangool, Liesl Gibson, Jenny Doh, Flora Bowley, Marisa Anne ~ so please do check them out as well!


Monday, October 15, 2012

the 2013 makerie sewing scholarship!

We are absolutely elated to announce our Makerie Sewing Scholarship! The Old Glory Antiques Fair will be generously offering one full Makerie Sewing package (including a travel stipend up to $500) for the 2013 Makerie Sewing event. For the next three weeks, we are accepting scholarship applications via snail mail. We are looking for applicants who embrace the spirit of the Makerie and are deserving of a creative weekend away, but may be unable to make the financial commitment at this time.

Our big hearted sponsor of this scholarship, the Old Glory Antiques Fair, is making this all possible. The theme of the 2013 Fair will be "authentic beauty... with a story to tell." Old Glory will be celebrating the art of handmade with a special tribute to a treasured art form, the American quilt. The quilt reflects authentic beauty in every stitch, simply and lovingly telling the stories of the people who created them. To weave in the time honored tradition of quilting, we are adding a handmade element to the scholarship application process this year, as you’ll see detailed below.


Eligibility & Application Process:

:: financial need (we will work off the honor system here)

:: write us a letter (handwritten or typed) under 500 words detailing why you would be a beautiful fit for the scholarship and what attending the Makerie Sewing would mean to you. This can also be a nomination letter, as long as you have your nominee make the quilt block, as detailed below. You don't even have to tell them why they're doing it ~ which is so much fun! Be sure to include your contact information & please be assured that all entries will be kept confidential.

:: create a “paper quilt block” in the spirit of Celebrating the Art of Handmade: The American Quilt at the Old Glory Antiques Fair.

Please include the quilt block according to the following guidelines with your mailed letter.
~ size: 4” x 4” paper (feel free to get creative with paper stock)
~ flat & mailable within an A4 (4-1/4”x6-1/4”) envelope
     *we recommend starting out with a piece of paper cut to the correct size
~any medium (fabric scraps, color pencils, pen, collage, etc. – just needs to remain flat & mailable)
     *French General is offering to mail you paper & fabric scraps!
~create your quilt block to represent yourself – use words, color, pictures, whatever your creative heart desires!

We will be using all submitted quilt blocks in an installation at the Makerie Sewing and the Old Glory Antiques Fair. We can’t wait to see what you make!


Scholarship Application Process:

** new extended deadline **

Mon, Oct 15 through Tue, Jan 15  Mail in your letter & quilt block to:

The Makerie
PO Box 4810
Boulder, CO 80306-4810

Tue, Jan 15                                         LAST DAY for post-marked applications to be sent in!

Thurs, Jan 31                                     Scholarship winner notified here on the blog!


Awarding a Makerie Sewing scholarship means the world to us and one of my personally most cherished parts of our event. I just can’t thank Old Glory Antiques Fair enough for their incredibly kind generosity in making this all possible.

We would be grateful if you would pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested in applying or nominating someone they love, as we truly cherish each and every applicant.


Monday, October 8, 2012

marvelous mingle & more

I have loved the magazine Mingle ever since I laid eyes on the first issue. It's visually stunning, shares beautiful stories and is full of incredible ideas for meaningful gatherings and events. It's truly such an honor to be included in the current issue and be able to share our story too. Alessandra Cave and I worked together on the piece, which was a treat in itself, and we couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. The images brought it to life and how grateful I am that Alessandra, Julia & my mom were able to capture the essence of this little retreat of ours for others to enjoy. I know I've shared this before, but I'm truly shy at heart so it's a funny feeling (and of course a thrill) to actually see it in print. As much as I love our online resources, not much replaces actually holding a beautiful magazine in your hands and turning the pages with your fingertips. It always feels special. It really does. A most heartfelt thank you to Christen & Mingle for including us in their fall issue and invite you to take a peek if you haven't had the chance to check it out. It's just full of wonderful things!

While we're on the topic of magazines, have you read the latest issue (November) of Martha Stewart Living? It highlights their new American Made Award initiative that celebrates creative entrepreneurs, which I love. In fact, our own quilting teacher Heather Jones was a finalist! To have such a powerhouse supporting these courageous creators is an amazing thing for all of our communities. It inspires us, it motivates us and shows us all that, in fact, we can take the leap and go after what we love. "We believe we are at a defining cultural moment, when so many people are making a go of their creative passions and, in doing so, fueling a new American economy. There's an American 'juju' to working with your hands and building an enterprise." It gives me goosebumps just reading that quote in the editor's letter! And if you need any more proof of how good crafting and creating is for your health, well then read further and you'll find a fantastic article called 'This is your Brain on Crafts', which even finds parallel benefits to crafting and meditation. From a mediation 'student' and one who struggles to sit even for five minutes, I'd take making something any day over trying to quiet my mind! :)