Friday, May 24, 2013

meet the fantastic fancy tigresses ~ amber & jaime

It goes without saying how lucky we are to have such an incredible crafting boutique right down the road. Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver is a crafter's mecca, full of any and every notion, bit and bobble you could ever want or need when making something by hand. Whether it's yarn or books or fabric, cute buttons or pretty ribbon, they've got it all. After hosting our Makerie Pop-up shops at Chautauqua the last three years, we were thrilled when owners, Amber and Jaime, wanted to teach their own Farm Fresh Handspun Yarn workshop at our first Summer Series event on June 2. We had so much fun getting to know these two dynamos through our little interview. See for yourself below!


A summer hike you love.
Amber: My favorite hike is West Fork in the Uncompagre Wilderness. I love going mushroom hunting in the beautiful high mountain meadows there with my mom!
Jaime: I really like St. Vrain near Ward, CO.

A favorite summer vegetable. 
Jaime: Oh my god, that is so stressful! Summer vegetable...I guess I have to go farm fresh tomato. Or corn...they are all really good!
Amber: This is a hard question! My favorite is probably garden tomatoes. There is nothing quite like a homegrown tomato!

Favorite food hangout in town. 
Jaime: Potager in Denver or my backyard.
Amber: I love Fruition in Denver. I also love food with friends at my home or theirs! 

__________ screams summer.
Jaime: Rosé
Amber: Water slides

A risk you’re glad you took.
Jaime: Opening Fancy Tiger Crafts.
Amber: Moving our store to a bigger location.

A favorite gift you’ve received.
Amber: A spinning wheel from my family on my 30th birthday!
Jaime: A handknit Sebastian (my persian cat) that Amber made me.

What you love most about what you do. 
Amber: Being constantly inspired by our customers, instructors and employees, who are so amazingly crafty, plus getting to think about crafting all day!
Jaime: Being a part of the crafting community.

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do. 
Jaime & Amber: Finding the time to make all the things we want to make!

The lesson I keep learning.
Jaime & Amber: There is never downtime...

My go-to outfit. 
Amber: Something handmade! Usually in the summer that is my favorite oxfords and a handmade dress.
Jaime: A Wiksten tank, jeans and sandals.

Daily practice.
Amber: Quiet mornings making myself a latte.
Jaime: Running

Any tricks for finding life balance? 
Jaime: Finding time to travel.
Amber: Every once in a while, find time to try something that you find interesting that you wouldn't normally do!


Thanks so much ladies! 

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