Tuesday, December 11, 2012

tamar & her stunning soft sculptures

To have Tamar Mogendorff among our outstanding teacher team at the Makerie Sewing retreat is quite an incredible honor, to say the least. It took me several years (for real!) to reach Tamar and was so excited to finally connect with her last summer when I had the wonderful chance to get to know her in person. I spent some time in her Brooklyn studio, surrounded by her magical bird cages, watchful owls, deer with bashful eyes and long eyelashes, each with a unique charm and European flair. It was fascinating to learn about how she approaches her projects and the wonderful ways she brings her creations to life, something Tamar's students will also learn in her Soft Sculpture workshops in April. Her work has been featured around the world and in gorgeous publications such as Sweet Paul Magazine, Selvedge, and The New York Times just to name a few.

We can't wait to have her in Boulder & wanted to give you the chance to learn a little more about Tamar too.


What is your favorite food obsession right now?
not eating gluten, almonds, dry figs with my coffee in the morning, avocado & kotej cheese

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What's for breakfast?
dry figs, fruits, almonds, lots of coffee

A wish that came true.
living in NY, being creative everyday

What risk are you glad you took?
coming to NY with nothing; I jumped into deep water many times in my life

If you could learn a creative skill other than your profession, what would it be?
textile design or clay

A favorite gift you’ve received.
my cat tulu ~ got him from a friend the day I arrived to NY; and I received lots of art pieces from friends over the years & have a big collection ~ a good one!

A condiment you love.
black paper, cumin, zaatar

What book do you keep on your coffee table?
the 10 books I am in the middle of reading, a variety of literature, poetry & art

What you love most about what you do.
the places and people it has give me the chance to see/meet; being creative everyday; playing in my own playground

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do.
that it is a lot of work

_________ is at the top of my inspiration library.
Inspiration comes to me from everywhere. I don't have a particular book or movie or anything, as it can come while I'm walking around, dreaming or chatting.

Any tricks for finding life balance?
Growing up I guess. Surrounding myself with people I love, who love me & care for me.

Any trade secrets/words of wisdom you’d like to divulge?


Thank you Tamar!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

our etsy team holiday gathering!

What a marvelous time we had at our very first Etsy Team holiday party! Each time we get a group of people together for one of our events, it always refreshes my spirit and reminds me about the heart of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Every single person who has been involved in the Makerie in any way is amazing and I just can't believe the beautiful creative community that is being formed because of this little event we started. What a wonderful mix of people who came last night ~ volunteers, participants, one of our awesome local teachers, and even our Whole Foods contest winner ~ gathering together at Fabricate, one of our favorite local sewing boutiques, for some fun holiday crafts and yummy treats and wine. We made burlap wreaths (thanks to the super generous donation of coffee sacks from Conscious Coffees) and decorated cute burlap bags with colorful felt balls to wrap around mini-trees (inspired by the sweet idea from Sunset Magazine). There is something quite magical about getting a group of people together to make something with their hands ~ a quiet hum, some great conversations in between and simply an unspoken language of how meaningful it is to create something side by side, in person. It is truly the essence of what the Makerie means to me and I couldn't feel more honored to give people the gift of making creativity a priority, even for a short time. A huge thank you to Etsy for their wonderful support, to Fabricate for hosting us and to each and every person who came last night. You're the heart of the Makerie's creative community and I feel so very lucky.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

sweet samantha!

I have adored Samantha Hirst and her work since the day I discovered her fabulous site ~ quite awhile ago. Her simple, modern approachable style, not to mention her warm and inviting way, is something I love and rightfully so, has caught the eye of fabulous boutiques around the country, like the coveted Terrain. We were so lucky she wanted to teach at the Makerie this year, as she's currently taking a 'creative sabbatical' (don't you love the thought of that?) and filling her days with cups of coffee with her husband, sharing magical moments with her children and truly giving herself the gift of time to work on new design ideas. Oh she's a woman after my own heart and I greatly admire how she recognized what she needed and took action by giving herself a breather from the fast pace of life we all seem to be living. It's such a special treat to have Sam teaching the art of block printing ~ Inky Fingers ~ in April so if you're at all interested in learning this technique (which can be applied in a gazillion ways!), this is a fabulous opportunity not to miss. Oh and as an extra special bonus, Samantha is designing our goodie bags this year and we can't wait! Get to know the sweet Sam below and if you do want to take her workshop in April, please don't delay, as her class have been very popular and spots are going fast.


What is your favorite food obsession right now?
avocados - in mango salsa, with hummus for lunch, on top of my tacos; if it can have avocado on/in it -it does.

What did you want to be when I grew up? 
a teacher

Whatʼs for breakfast?
granola with almond milk and blueberries, or alternately, a banana and chocolate chip cookie (donʼt tell my kids), and always two cups of coffee.

What you love most about what you do? 
The first time I pull a new print is always a surprise. I love that moment.

The most challenging part about what you do. 
Ink stains on my clothes.

Any tricks for finding life balance? 
I choose to focus on whatʼs important each day and try to find as much time as I can to breathe - whether that means a cup of tea in the afternoon, a quick swim after work, or sneaking in a few extra snuggles with my kids in the evening.

Any trade secrets? 
Thereʼs no such thing as the ʻrightʼ way to do something. Great art is created when people aren't afraid to break the rules.


Thanks Samantha!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

two hands paperie ~ a paper love affair

We are super excited to announce that Two Hands Paperie will be a sponsor of the Makerie this year, and in particular, the Crafting Content workshops with Janine Vangool of UPPERCASE! Part of the class will involve making handmade books about the Makerie weekend and Two Hands Paperie will be donating the gorgeous specialty papers we'll be using. It's incredibly generous and I feel so lucky that this gem of a shop is right here in our backyard. Every time I make a trip to their beautiful boutique, I am inspired in a million new ways and often get stuck there dreaming of all the things I could do with their extraordinary variety of global paper products, unique art supplies and special notions. Two Hands Paperie is certainly a Boulder establishment and the art of paper clearly their passion. We are thrilled to be working together for the very first time and are immensely grateful for their support. So if you have a paper love affair like we do, this is one special shop not to miss! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

meet jenny hart, the embroideress behind sublime stitching!

photo by kenneth b gal

We are giddy with excitement to welcome Jenny Hart as a teacher for Makerie Sewing weekend! Jenny is known for her extraordinary artwork in hand embroidery and for her company, Sublime Stitchingthat has continually led the way in embroidery patterns, kits, textiles and education. Hand embroidery is fresh and exciting to a new generation of makers and we simply can't get enough of the abundant creativity that Jenny shares with the world. Did you know that she's stitched numerous portraits of famous people and even has a permanent embroidered piece in the Smithsonian American Art Museum? There is something very peaceful and reflective when you take needle and thread (or floss) to a stretched out piece of linen or fabric and bring a printed design to life. Students in Jenny's class, Illuminated Embroidery, are certainly in for a very special treat, as they will be stitching up their favorite sayings or quotes with Jenny's patterns and guidance for hand-lettering. Surely the embroidered creations that will come out of her classes will be wall-hanging worthy and have a permanent place in many homes. 

Meet the sensational Jenny below!


What is your favorite food obsession right now?
Mint chocolate chip ice-cream bars.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
An artist.

What's for breakfast?
Breakfast tacos!

A wish that came true.
Having a solo show in Paris, which I wished for, and having my work in the Smithsonian, which I never dared wish for.

What risk are you glad you took?
Launching Sublime Stitching.

If you could learn a creative skill other than your profession, what would it be?
Leather tooling.

A favorite gift you’ve received.
It's a secret.

A condiment you love.
Sweet BBQ Sauce!

What book do you keep on your coffee table?
A collection of Krazy Kat by George Herriman.

What you love most about what you do.
The freedom and independence.

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do.
Too much freedom and independence! It can be overwhelming to prioritize and know what is best.

_________ is at the top of my inspiration library.
The Drawings of Bruno Schulz

Any tricks for finding life balance?
Keep searching and don’t stop because balance always tips.

Any trade secrets/words of wisdom you’d like to divulge?
Anyone who appears to have "made it" is still working ten times harder at continuing their success than you may realize.


Thanks Jenny!

Friday, November 23, 2012

shopping small!

Small Business Saturday ~  it's brilliant and it's tomorrow, Saturday, November 24 ~ a day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday to support our local business loves. We adore small businesses, especially handmade ones, oh so much. It's a pure joy to get to know their owners and I've always admired the passion they put into everything, as well as the heart they pour into their community. Small Business Saturday celebrates and supports the shops and businesses we cherish, owned by our friends and neighbors so we'd like to encourage everyone to SHOP SMALL tomorrow and reward those small business owners. After all, they are helping our economy to thrive by creating local jobs and wonderful opportunities for their customers to buy fabulous things locally. So here's to shopping small! We'll be there right along side you.


p.s. In case you were interested shopping small with us, we offer gift certificates for any amount!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

say hello to the adorable elke!

We are immensely delighted that one of our incredible past participants (for two years in a row), Elke Bergeron, will be joining Makerie weekend as a teacher this year! Elke comes to us right from our own backyard of Boulder, but has spent 10 years working as a designer in the fashion industry in New York City. All of her designs are handmade, modern and fabulous and very much reflect her beautiful creative spirit. We love that she says, "the best part about what I do is that I get to play all day creating things and there is no one telling me what ‘direction’ I should be going in. Every found object takes on a new life and you never know where it will lead you." This year, Elke will be teaching students how to make Modern Leather Accessories with everyday materials and we can assure you that participants will leave her workshops with some incredible pieces of their own!

Get to know the adorable Elke below.


What is your favorite food obsession right now?
The whole "chocolate, caramel & salt" combination is incredibly tempting & I generally cave in.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
An artist. I don't think I actually thought what kind as long as I could make art.

What's for breakfast?
Kashi with lots of fruit & a nice spoonful of Noosa yogurt on top with a hot cup of coffee.

A wish that came true.
Being asked to be a teacher at the Makerie! When I went to the first Makerie I thought, "Now THIS would be a great job!"

A favorite gift you received.
An old rusty, beautiful, antique metal bucket that says "Slickery Axel Grease." It is truly unique & it's my favorite color!

A condiment you love.
Does truffle salt count? 

What you love most about what you do.
I like being my own boss. I get to change my mind about product without anyone telling me I'm going in the "wrong" direction. I truly get to make what I love. I also can't imagine not making things by hand. It is so satisfying to see the progress and differences when something is made individually one at a time.

The most challenging or difficult thing about what you do.
When you make something by hand, there are so many details. Even in something that may look so simple. Sometimes I have a hard time when I get to the end of a project and I still have to put on the labels or something. I also have a REALLY hard time with repetition and making the same thing over and over in the same fabric. That is probably why I specialize in "One of a Kind" & rarely make more than two in any given fabric/style.

______ is at the top of my inspiration library.
Vintage stores!

Any tricks for finding life balance?
Flexibility. Each day for me can be a different schedule so I sort it out in the beginning of the week and plan goals that need to be done by the end of the week. I try to work as much as I can when the kids are in school and be available to my family in the afternoons. If I keep that in mind I actually get quite a bit done without feeling that I'm sacrificing any one thing to much. I also find about an hour, early every morning to hike with the dog. That sets the right tone for the rest of the day.

Any trade secrets/words of wisdom you'd like to divulge?
Surround yourself with encouraging, positive friends & partners. Life is too short for pessimism. Anything is possible.


Thanks Elke!

Monday, November 19, 2012

we just turned two!

It's really hard to believe it's been two years since we launched the Makerie! Our second anniversary was last week (November 11) so I'm a little late in sharing this, but didn't want it to slip by without a gigantic thank you to each & every person, organization and entity that has been a part of this journey so far. I am grateful beyond belief for the gifts and growth I continue to gain from this experience, for learning to listen to my heart, and most of all ~ for the beautiful new friends in this incredible creative community I continue to make. At the end of day, it really is the amazing people that have made the Makerie come to life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this dream come true for me which will hopefully inspire many others to go after their dreams too.

Lots of Love~
the Makerie

Friday, November 16, 2012

meet the fantastic french general founder ~ kaari meng

We've long admired the thoughtfully curated French General, their amazing array of gorgeous fabrics and products, and of course its beautiful founder ~ Kaari Meng. Kaari's aesthetic is certainly one we love, inspired by the rural South of France. We feel incredilby honored that she'll be traveling to Boulder in April to teach her uber popular Natural Plant Dyeing workshop at this year's Makerie Sewing. Participants are in for such a treat, learning to create beautiful hand-dyed textiles that can be used in a gazillion ways. 

It was really fun to get to know Kaari through our little interview and loved all of her answers to our questions, especially her trade secret! Read on to get to know the wonderful Kaari.


What is your favorite food obsession right now?
My favorite food obsession right now is the chopped salad....and what I can put into it...can I put anything into it as long as it is chopped?  It is a constant experiment and I like the challenge.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up - and the funny thing is...I feel like on some level I have become one ~ I teach crafts!

What's for breakfast?
Breakfast is a cup of Earl Grey tea with milk and toast with honey.

A wish that came true.
I also wanted to be a designer when I grew up ~ and that wish came true!

What risk are you glad that you took?
I am glad I took the risk of leaving the jewelry business behind to pursue other creative interests and start French General.

If you could learn a creative skill other than your profession, what would it be?
I would love to weave rugs in New Mexico year round or at least in the Fall every year.

A favorite gift you've received.
One of my favorite gifts I receive on a regular basis are Melograno candles made by Santa Maria Novella from a friend of mine in New York.

A condiment you love.
My favorite condiment is Mrs. Ball's Chutney.

What book do you keep on your coffee table?
I love Twyla Tharp's two books:  The Creative Habit and The Collaborative Habit ~ both inspire me regularly. On my coffee table right now is: Quilts 1700-2010 Hidden Histories, Untold Stories edited by Sue Pritchard... the book that accompanied the first major exhibit to focus on British patchwork and quilt-making at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

What you love most about what you do.
I love being able to wake up everyday and do something creative. It feeds my soul and makes my heart sing ~ all day long!

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do.
The most challenging part about what I do is to stay focused and finish the task at hand before moving onto another exciting project ~ otherwise I take too much on and don't finish anything!

_________ is at the top of my inspiration library.
Color and fabric are at the top of my inspiration library!

Any tricks for finding life balance?
My secret to finding life balance is to pace myself and not say yes to everything. I try hard to find projects that will help me grow and inspire me and let the other opportunities pass me by without regret.

Any trade secrets/words of wisdom you'd like to divulge?
My only trade secret is do what you love with all of your heart and you will be successful!


Thank you Kaari!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

whole hearted whole foods

image by Aran Goyoaga

I have been a fan of Whole Foods since I can remember. Trips to their stores (any of them really!) are never just a grocery shop, but truly an experience. In fact, when I have the rare treat of grocery shopping alone, I often find myself wandering the aisles for hours happily lost in the incredible array of healthy choices and admiring the abundant creativity among the amazing food purveyors. I know it might sound a little silly and nerdy, but wandering through our local Boulder Whole Foods is one of my most favorite, relaxing pleasures. 

Clearly Whole Foods has always held a special place in my heart, but their support of the Makerie has taken my love and gratitude to new levels. I'm really beside myself how much they are embracing our creative community and standing behind small local businesses. I love partnering with companies that believe in living a conscious, healthy lifestyle (like I do!) and am incredibly thrilled to have Whole Foods Boulder sponsoring Aran's workshops this year. As a part of that, they are hosting an awesome food photography contest for Colorado residents and generously giving away a FREE full package to the Makerie to attend both days of Aran's classes! How amazing is that?!?  

Here's how to enter! 

:: Snap a photo of your most beautiful food tradition anytime between now & Monday, November 26

:: Upload it via this link

:: Encourage your family & friends to vote for your image

:: Don't forget to review the rules & regs (just in case you miss the small type, liking the Makerie facebook page is required to win)

:: The image with the most votes will win a trip to the Makerie and will be announced on Tuesday, November 27

Won't this be fun? We can't wait to see what you've got! 

In other exciting news, many of you will get to meet Aran in person, as she will be doing a book signing of her stunning brand new cookbook Small Plates & Sweet Treats at Whole Foods Pearl Street on Makerie Eve, Wednesday April 10. And yes dear Boulderites, the entire cookbook is gluten free! 


p.s. While we're on the topic of Whole Foods, we just started a new season of leading Kids Club Crafts at the Pearl Street location so look for us the first Tuesday of each month from 4 to 7 pm. We love crafting with the kiddos! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

our brand new etsy team!

After an amazing trip to New York last summer and the special, awesome opportunity to visit the Etsy offices, I came home completely inspired by the people I met and their incredibly energizing, creative environment. I loved learning more about their terrific team program while I was there and it made perfect sense for us to get a team together too. And so we did! We're super excited to share that our brand new Makerie Etsy Team is up and running! It's open to all past and present participants, teachers and volunteers (you need to be an Etsy member ~ either a buyer or seller or both ~ to participate) and a wonderful way to share ideas and our favorite Etsy finds. We will be using this platform to celebrate handmade and share the projects we're working on, as well as a place for current participants to coordinate retreat travel or perhaps even facilitate local gatherings. And speaking of gatherings, we're in the midst of planning our first holiday team event so it would be a great time to join in on the fun. We'd  love to have you! Go Team! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

on being busy

Busier and busier. It's the new norm. Just ask the New York Times. I often ask myself why is the answer always 'busy' when you ask someone how they are? Much to my chagrin, I'm guilty of this too. What I'm noticing is that when I do meet someone who says 'I'm great' without listing the things they are busy doing, I admire them. A lot.

In one of my favorite books about parenting, they raise the question "When did being busy become such a status symbol?" It's such an interesting thought, isn't it? Whether it's the pace of technology and how available we are all the time, or the societal pressure to always be productive, it's our current culture and we're moving at a frantic pace. When my schedule is jam packed, I say yes too often and have very little space to think clearly, I know that I am not operating at my best and some of my very favorite, simple daily practices slip away without even realizing it. As I find myself getting caught up in the whirlwind, I'm learning how to get off the treadmill and start putting some self care back into my days.

This past weekend, my sweet husband surprised me with a getaway to the mountains to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. I can't believe it's been 12 years! Having a few days to focus on each other, breathe the fresh mountain air, ride our bikes up Vail pass, enjoy lazy mornings and long slow dinners, knit by the fireplace, and have space in our days was completely refreshing to my soul. It made me realize, once again, how important it is to take care of yourself and put a bit of breathing time into your days ~ in whatever way you can ~ and especially during the hectic holiday season that has arrived. Giving yourself time and space is so much of what the Makerie means to me and our weekend away was a beautiful reminder of just how important retreating is for our spirits. It lasts far beyond those precious days away. We all need to slow down more. Life is too short to be busy. It's true.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

we heart experiences

We're huge fans of experiential gifts ~ of any kind! As someone who is often overwhelmed by 'stuff', I find it very refreshing and exciting when I am gifted an experience instead of a 'thing'. Whether it's the brand new restaurant in town I've been wanting to try or a voucher for a class I've had my eye on, it feels like such a special treat when someone thinks of you in this thoughtful kind of way. As we approach the holiday season, we wanted to let you know we offer gift certificates to the Makerie too ~ for any amount! Each one is uniquely handmade and packaged in a petite fabric pouch ~ perfect for a stocking stuffer or a last night of Hanukah surprise. If this idea is tugging at the 'ole heart strings, it's as simple as sending an email to play@themakerie.com with a subject heading 'gift certificate' and including the details of what you'd like. We'll take care of the rest. So just in case the Makerie is on your holiday list, all you have to do is give a little hint to the ones you love by emailing the link to this blog post and you never know what the magic of the season may bring!

Here's to the happiest start to your holiday season!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the ever-inspiring janine!

Words cannot express how inspired we are by Janine Vangool and UPPERCASE, the incredible magazine she publishes, edits and designs. (Yes ~ she does it all!) It's quite an honor to have her as a teacher at this year's Makerie retreat, as we've admired her for so long. We had a fabulous Skype session over the summer where she shared an amazing vision she had for a special Makerie project. I couldn't stop smiling as she painted the picture of what she envisioned and now we're bringing it to life ~ I can't believe it. I love many things about her idea, especially how it involves everyone at the retreat, not just the students who will be taking her class. But for those who will be taking her Crafting Content workshops, they will be gifted with the knowledge of curating and creating content during this collaborative weekend-long bookmaking experience. Through photography and writing, they will document the Makerie and its people and assemble the elements into a unique handmade, limited-edition commemorative book. Students will learn how to bind books using a hidden stapling technique that is perfect for art journals, photobooks and other projects you might be dreaming of. And if that wasn't enough, each student will be considered for future collaborations with UPPERCASE magazine and some of the content possibly published on the UPPERCASE blog or in future issues. How amazing is that? If there has been a book sitting in your own heart, this incredibly special opportunity to spend a day with Janine just might be what you're looking for.

Here's a little insight into what she's all about and a fabulous live interview here.


What did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a botanist or geolomgist… I used to love drawing flowers in my sketchbook and reading little science books about rocks and copying the diagrams into my notebooks. Then I realized that I simply loved doing the layout of my sketchbooks and notebooks and realized that I really wanted to make books when I grew up. I also used to make mini magazines (it was called Crafts ‘n’ Things) and force my family to sign them out of my mini library.

A wish that came true.
My childhood with to make magazines and books has come true! As an adult I am so happy to be doing what I love.


Thanks Janine!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

incredible aran!

We are so very excited to welcome back Aran Goyoaga to the Makerie in 2013! We are still mesmerized by the gorgeous images that came out of her classes last year. Aran is the author of the beautiful blog, Canelle et Vanille, where she showcases her inspirational take on recipes (that happen to be gluten free ~ which you'd never guess!) along with stunning, styled images that leave us wishing we could jump in and take a bite. This year Aran will be teaching two courses ~ Fabulous Food & Prop Styling and Food Photography on a Farm. Yes, on an actual farm and a rather special one at that ~ the Lyons Farmette. Whole Foods Boulder is sponsoring both of Aran's workshops and we're working on some pretty exciting things behind the scenes over here. We couldn't be more proud and excited for Aran's official book release yesterday: Small Plates and Sweet Treats: My Family's Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking. We just ordered our copy and can't wait to add it to our cookbook shelf. Get to know the adorable Aran below! 


What is your favorite food obsession right now? 
I have to say that probably Michel Cluizel chocolate. I have a little bit nearly everyday after lunch.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 
I have no idea honestly. I remember when I was 14 standing up in class answering the same question and I think I said I wanted to be a telecom engineer. It came out of the blue as I had never even thought about it. Of course that never realized nor did the thought cross my mind.

What's for breakfast? 
Usually porridge with fruit and an egg.

A wish that came true. 
To work in food.

A favorite gift you’ve received. 
The clothes my great-aunt knitted for my children when they were born. I still have them neatly wrapped in blue paper and stored for when they have children.

A condiment you love. 
I’m not much of a condiment person. Does sea salt count?

What you love most about what you do. 
The creativity, the freedom when I get to experiment with food and colors ... Also that I get to travel.

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do. 
To feel stuck – when creativity doesn’t flow and I feel saturated. It’s not always easy to keep things fresh maintaining your own perspective and style.

_________ is at the top of my inspiration library.
Donna Hay.

Any tricks for finding life balance? 
I am not sure there is such a thing. When one side thrives in my life, the others usually suffer. It’s about being able to juggle both sides without going insane or neglecting the important things. Not easy for sure. For me, it’s been about dedicating time to work when I had an important project and having my husband step into a supporting role. Then I have periods of time that I am not working and I am with my children at home. I also try to take my children as much as possible when I travel so that helps.


Thanks Aran!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

sharing our story

It's not often an opportunity comes along like this so I feel really grateful that Monica of Smart Creative Women invited me to share our story. I'm really quite shy and tend to get a little nervous in these situations, but Monica truly put me at ease with her relaxed, conversational style in a way that almost made me forget we were 'live' ~ well almost. :) 

What's even more fun is that several of our wonderful teachers, both past and current, have been interviewed on the show too ~ Amy ButlerJanine Vangool, Liesl Gibson, Jenny Doh, Flora Bowley, Marisa Anne ~ so please do check them out as well!


Monday, October 15, 2012

the 2013 makerie sewing scholarship!

We are absolutely elated to announce our Makerie Sewing Scholarship! The Old Glory Antiques Fair will be generously offering one full Makerie Sewing package (including a travel stipend up to $500) for the 2013 Makerie Sewing event. For the next three weeks, we are accepting scholarship applications via snail mail. We are looking for applicants who embrace the spirit of the Makerie and are deserving of a creative weekend away, but may be unable to make the financial commitment at this time.

Our big hearted sponsor of this scholarship, the Old Glory Antiques Fair, is making this all possible. The theme of the 2013 Fair will be "authentic beauty... with a story to tell." Old Glory will be celebrating the art of handmade with a special tribute to a treasured art form, the American quilt. The quilt reflects authentic beauty in every stitch, simply and lovingly telling the stories of the people who created them. To weave in the time honored tradition of quilting, we are adding a handmade element to the scholarship application process this year, as you’ll see detailed below.


Eligibility & Application Process:

:: financial need (we will work off the honor system here)

:: write us a letter (handwritten or typed) under 500 words detailing why you would be a beautiful fit for the scholarship and what attending the Makerie Sewing would mean to you. This can also be a nomination letter, as long as you have your nominee make the quilt block, as detailed below. You don't even have to tell them why they're doing it ~ which is so much fun! Be sure to include your contact information & please be assured that all entries will be kept confidential.

:: create a “paper quilt block” in the spirit of Celebrating the Art of Handmade: The American Quilt at the Old Glory Antiques Fair.

Please include the quilt block according to the following guidelines with your mailed letter.
~ size: 4” x 4” paper (feel free to get creative with paper stock)
~ flat & mailable within an A4 (4-1/4”x6-1/4”) envelope
     *we recommend starting out with a piece of paper cut to the correct size
~any medium (fabric scraps, color pencils, pen, collage, etc. – just needs to remain flat & mailable)
     *French General is offering to mail you paper & fabric scraps!
~create your quilt block to represent yourself – use words, color, pictures, whatever your creative heart desires!

We will be using all submitted quilt blocks in an installation at the Makerie Sewing and the Old Glory Antiques Fair. We can’t wait to see what you make!


Scholarship Application Process:

** new extended deadline **

Mon, Oct 15 through Tue, Jan 15  Mail in your letter & quilt block to:

The Makerie
PO Box 4810
Boulder, CO 80306-4810

Tue, Jan 15                                         LAST DAY for post-marked applications to be sent in!

Thurs, Jan 31                                     Scholarship winner notified here on the blog!


Awarding a Makerie Sewing scholarship means the world to us and one of my personally most cherished parts of our event. I just can’t thank Old Glory Antiques Fair enough for their incredibly kind generosity in making this all possible.

We would be grateful if you would pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested in applying or nominating someone they love, as we truly cherish each and every applicant.


Monday, October 8, 2012

marvelous mingle & more

I have loved the magazine Mingle ever since I laid eyes on the first issue. It's visually stunning, shares beautiful stories and is full of incredible ideas for meaningful gatherings and events. It's truly such an honor to be included in the current issue and be able to share our story too. Alessandra Cave and I worked together on the piece, which was a treat in itself, and we couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. The images brought it to life and how grateful I am that Alessandra, Julia & my mom were able to capture the essence of this little retreat of ours for others to enjoy. I know I've shared this before, but I'm truly shy at heart so it's a funny feeling (and of course a thrill) to actually see it in print. As much as I love our online resources, not much replaces actually holding a beautiful magazine in your hands and turning the pages with your fingertips. It always feels special. It really does. A most heartfelt thank you to Christen & Mingle for including us in their fall issue and invite you to take a peek if you haven't had the chance to check it out. It's just full of wonderful things!

While we're on the topic of magazines, have you read the latest issue (November) of Martha Stewart Living? It highlights their new American Made Award initiative that celebrates creative entrepreneurs, which I love. In fact, our own quilting teacher Heather Jones was a finalist! To have such a powerhouse supporting these courageous creators is an amazing thing for all of our communities. It inspires us, it motivates us and shows us all that, in fact, we can take the leap and go after what we love. "We believe we are at a defining cultural moment, when so many people are making a go of their creative passions and, in doing so, fueling a new American economy. There's an American 'juju' to working with your hands and building an enterprise." It gives me goosebumps just reading that quote in the editor's letter! And if you need any more proof of how good crafting and creating is for your health, well then read further and you'll find a fantastic article called 'This is your Brain on Crafts', which even finds parallel benefits to crafting and meditation. From a mediation 'student' and one who struggles to sit even for five minutes, I'd take making something any day over trying to quiet my mind! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

and we're off!

What a thrill to present our 2013 Makeries ~ the original Makerie and our brand new Makerie Sewing! We are incredibly excited about our sensational teachers for both events and the workshops they have so thoughtfully put together for you. Each of these weekends will be quite special and unique in their own right, with two totally different, retreat designs and focuses.

Our Makerie event is just filled to the brim with some very exciting new classes, along with bringing back a few of our most popular ones from last year. The amazing Aran Goyoaga (whose brand new gluten free cookbook is almost out on shelves!) will be teaching two different workshops this year, and onsite at an actual local farm. The Lyons Farmette, which happens to be one of our personal favorite farms, is a magical little spot and will be the perfect setting for what Aran has planned. Whole Foods Boulder is generously sponsoring her classes this year and boy, do we have some fun partnership ideas in the works that we can't wait to share! The adorable and talented Allison Bozeman will be back teaching the old fashioned art of Letterpress, but this year she will be bringing her workshop to Chautauqua. We received the sweetest notes on stationery made in her classes last April and what we know for sure is that the preciousness of a hand-written letter cannot be replaced.

Five new inspiring classes and teachers are being introduced at the 2013 Makerie. You can spend a day with Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine (yes, that fabulous publication we covet and adore!) crafting content and making handmade books. She'll be interweaving her classes into a larger, quite incredible project that will be shared with all Makerie participants ~ more on that later ~ but we will say that when Janine presented her idea to us, we were in awe of its brilliance and I'll admit, jumped up and down because we loved it so much. The marvelous Molly Hatch, who designs gorgeous kitchenware for Anthropologie, will be leading a brand new ceramics workshop and the first of it's kind at the Makerie. Her work is outstanding in every regard and we couldn't be more thrilled to bring her design expertise to Boulder to share with all of you! Jennifer Mercede, whose amazing, colorful, cheerful art can be found through the Land of Nod and Oopsy Daisy, is all about connecting to the moment and having fun. The inspiration she gathers through bright colors, graffiti, children's' artwork and a free-flowing spirit are infused into her work, and she will be sharing her awesome art-making process with her students through two unique classes. We have been a huge fan of Samantha Hirst, designer and founder of Inklore and Good Measure, for quite some time and were thrilled when she agreed to teach her magnificent, modern block printing techniques for us. Samantha's work is so approachable and lovely that it's no wonder why Terrain (swoon!) chose to carry her goods in their splendid shop. Our seventh and final teacher for 2013 is the darling Elke Bergeron. Elke, who was a Makerie participant both years, recently burst onto the scene with not only her incredible sense of design and creative aesthetic, but also her vision for turning recycled materials into perfectly crafted, modern handmade products. Those who have the chance to take her leather accessory class are in luck, as she will be teaching her special techniques so you can learn to make your own unique versions, since hers are in such high demand and fly off the shelves.

The Makerie Sewing has been in the works since last April, when Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S planted a little seed about doing a sewing retreat when she taught for us last year. We've been working all summer to put together a terrific team of teachers and a brand new event design that allows participants the chance to take classes from four different teachers. It's been a very special treat to work with Liesl on this one-time special event and we are really over the moon with excitement about the group of teachers who will be leading the amazing array of workshops.

Amy Butler, who couldn't be more kind and heart-centered, will be taking her students on a journey to find their own unique color story. It's really fun to imagine how this could affect not only your creative pursuits, but your life and home environments too! Amy rarely teaches classes and we feel so incredibly lucky she wanted to come to Boulder to teach you! The lovely Cal Patch, author of Design Your Own Clothes, will be teaching a fantastic workshop on how to create patterns to fit your own body. Won't that be amazing to learn this foundational skill that can then be used to create your own wardrobe? The possibilities are endless and we are thrilled to have the talented Cal on board. If you've ever been curious about the improv quilting process, we've got just the ticket for you. The wonderful Heather Jones ~ improvisational quilter extraordinaire ~ will be sharing her tricks of the trade to help you create a one of a kind quilt project, guided by your design intuition. Besides being a wonderful technique to learn, anything that can help strengthen your intuition on any level is a winner in our book! The fabulous Jenny Hart, known worldwide for her dazzling embroidery art and author of seven Chronicle Books, will be leading a special hand lettering workshop that will leave you with an inspiring, permanent take home treat. All you need to bring to this class is a message in your heart (we love that!). If you've been a long time fan of French General like we have, well then you know the dynamic dynamo Kaari Meng who's behind it all. She will be teaching natural plant dyeing, which is a very unique process and one that can take you in unexpected ways, maybe the very best part of it all. The lovely Liesl Gibson brings her world of sewing and teaching experience, as well as savvy style, into the classroom with a hand smocking necklace workshop. Liesl delivers a fresh, modern approach to all she does and these handmade necklaces will add a terrific touch to any outfit. And lastly, Tamar Mogendorff, whose work can be found in stores, galleries and publications around the world, will be teaching a soft sculpture class using an organic hand sewing process. She will share not only her insight on how to bring an object to life through your own unique personality and view of the world, but you'll learn how to create a magnificent sewn mobile to adorn a special place. And if that wasn't enough, we are so happy to announce that Fancy Tiger will be bringing their crafting boutique pop-up shop to Chautauqua once again, for the third year in a row for the Makerie Sewing weekend.

Creativity does magical things to the soul. It's true. We feel immensely grateful to create two weekends dedicated to that and to be able to provide a place for you to step away from it all and focus on play. So we invite you to grab your favorite cup of tea and spend a little time visiting our web site to see what we have in store for 2013. We can promise you this ~ whatever you find, it will be definitely be filled with love.


p.s. If you would like to read a bit about the two events we have held, you can find some very kind words here.

Friday, September 21, 2012

a special sneak peek!

We can officially say we are kicking off registration on Monday, September 24 (yes ~ this coming Monday!) and thought a little sneak peek of what we've got in store would be a fun way to send you into the weekend. We are beyond elated to announce that we are doing two retreats this year ~ our original Makerie and a brand new event ~ the Makerie Sewing ~ April 18 - 21, 2013.

The original Makerie is just chock full of goodness and we'll wait until Monday to reveal the details. After all, we do love surprises and can't wait for you to see the wonderful workshop offerings! But in the meantime, we wanted to share a bit about this super exciting new event focused on sewing and textiles. To give you a little background, Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S, who taught for us last year, planted a seed at the 2012 Makerie when she asked if we had ever thought about doing a sewing-specific Makerie and well... here we are! Liesl and I have been working all summer to put together an amazing team of teachers and fabulous workshops, as well as an entirely new event design for this one-time very special sewing event. Not only will you get to choose four classes with four different teachers, but each class will be four hours long, giving you two full days (16 hours total) of incredible instruction. In case you want more time to play, we will also be offering studio time to work on whatever you'd like.

So without further ado... here is who will be teaching at the Makerie Sewing!


This team of teachers is really beyond our wildest dreams (still pinching ourselves over here!) and we are incredibly honored to have them come to Boulder in April. The Makerie Sewing will be limited to an intimate group of participants and we have so much more in store that we can't wait to tell you. So mark your calendars for Monday when all will be revealed and registration will be open!

Here's to a fabulous weekend filled with sunshine, leaf peeping, and of course, lots of happy making. See you on Monday!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

we will all be changed

It's really hard to believe another season is upon us and I can't believe we're going into our third year! I've been thinking so much about this journey and wanted to share a few personal thoughts with you. When I first started the Makerie in 2011, I had no idea how it was all going to go. I jumped in with both feet (exhilarated & terrified at the same time!) and kept saying to myself, 'Just try one. That's all you have to do. Just one event and if it doesn't go as planned, you can move on with your life knowing you gave it your all.' And so I did. And it was really beyond my wildest dreams in countless ways. What I didn't think about until right after the inaugural Makerie was how was I going to do it again? I had been so focused on the details of everything our first year that it honestly never crossed my mind to think about doing another one. It was a funny thing and I found myself debating how to move forward, or not at all. I have always liked ending things on a high note. :) Ultimately I decided I had to try it again to prove to myself it wasn't just a wild dream (or a fluke). We held our second event last April and it was again, so much more than I ever imagined. I still can't get over the incredible, thoughtful, loving teachers, students, supporters and volunteers that congregated at Chautauqua in our beautiful Boulder, Colorado. As we head into our third season, I'm just filled with gratitude for each and every person who has helped shape the Makerie into what it is. I have always said this is something we are all creating together and I mean that with all my heart. I cherish everyone who has touched our event in any way, and it wouldn't be what it is without them, that's for certain. Putting together the Makerie is an ever-growing experience so thank you all for giving me the opportunity to learn, grow and change in ways I never knew. It's the most incredible honor to be able to create a place that gives the gift of creative time. We all need it so much. We can't wait for you to see what we have in store for 2013 (right around the corner!) so in honor of that, do take a few minutes to watch our brand new video by Kevin Von Qualen about this little event we love called the Makerie.