Saturday, March 31, 2012

an unsung hero

I wanted to take a break in the action to recognize someone that often goes uncelebrated ~ my husband Chris. He truly makes the Makerie possible for so many reasons:

~ He works very hard in an extremely busy job to support our family
~ He always has & continues to encourage me to follow my dreams
~ He has supported this whole idea from the very beginning, even when times were tough
~ He takes care of our little ones when I'm working late & often does bedtime all by himself (which is often this time of year!)
~ During this intense planning period, he never complains about my lack of making meals, but instead often makes dinner for me
~ He has to listen to me hem & haw over Makerie decisions ~ over & over again
~ He gets the play by play & always has his practical advice handy
~ His calmness is a saving grace during the stressful stuff that comes along with planning an event of this size
~ He even folds laundry ~ multiple loads at a time!
~ He is the most efficient man I know
~ He even organizes me (along with the kids' rooms, their toys & he even organized my grandma's sewing box once ~ not even kidding)
~ Did you know that when I came home from last year's Makerie, he had not only unpacked the car but had put every single thing away. Can you imagine coming home exhausted to find a totally organized & clean house? What an unexpected gift that was.

I just wanted to thank my husband for all of this and oh so much more behind the scenes that is hard to explain. He is the most positive person I know, does things in such a quiet way and never expects anything. It truly takes a village to put together the Makerie and I would never be able to do it without his constant love and support. I am a quite a lucky lady.

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  1. i think it's because you are just as amazing as he is!
    xo and smiles~ jill