Monday, March 12, 2012

an inspiring evening indeed

We are just filled to the brim with excitement to tell you that the cherished Jenny Doh will be speaking her beautiful words at our Opening Ceremony at the Makerie this year! Jenny has been an incredible supporter of this event before it even came to be (and yes, she took a chance on us by including us in Creative Pilgrimage before we had even held our first event ~ no pressure there :).  I have had the wonderful chance to share meaningful conversations with Jenny since the inception of our little event and every single time I am left with thought provoking advice and words of wisdom that always seem to stay with me. Our talks are open, heartfelt and honest ~ three of the things I cherish the most. Jenny's resume is quite impressive and extensive, the author of seven books (and counting!) and the former Editor-in-Chief and Director of Publishing for Somerset Studios, among a plethora of other fabulous accolades. Of the many things I love about Jenny, I adore how she can sum up her resume in one sentence ~ "I'm the head of Crescendoh and I'm crazy about art." Her wealth of experience in our creative community plus her deep understanding of what creativity does for our lives on a personal level is quite a stellar combination, and one that I can't wait to be able to share in such a special way with all of you. She's working on her talk as we speak and I just couldn't imagine a better person to kick-off our event. Thank you Jenny ~ for everything! What a gift you are to the Makerie in oh so many ways.



  1. Sounds like it will be an unforgettable event. Wish I could be there!

  2. Aw thank you Lana! We wish you could too! We're exploring an idea that will hopefully allow more people to participate in creative events so please know this is at the top of our minds & in our hearts.

  3. And so excited to meet you Belinda!