Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a souper swap!

the soup I made from Cannelle et Vanille
*image & copyright by Aran Goyoaga

We held our first Soup Swap for Makerie volunteers and supporters last weekend at Savory Spice Shop ~ the best spice shop around in our opinion. Each person was asked to bring a big pot of their favorite soup, their own bowl & spoon and a smile. We provided fresh bread from Cured (my new local love for bread), drinks & wine (generously donated by Holly), sweet treats (from Aran's blog), jars to fill with soup to take home, and crafty supplies to decorate and label them. I was amazed that everyone brought such a wonderful variety without any pre-planning and we had so much fun walking around the room tasting each one. Not only was it a warm and casual environment, but the people who came brought their kind spirits, an openness that I love and the sweetest desire to be part of the Makerie. I am constantly touched and surprised by how many amazing people want to help and I'm not sure I'll ever get over that. I am forever grateful for this and often don't know how to thank people enough, besides telling them a million and one times over. The Makerie is certainly an evolving event and each and every person involved is helping to shape and define what it is becoming. I have always said that the Makerie is something we're all creating together and I love the community that is forming because of it. To gather together with like-minded souls is a sacred part of what the Makerie means and it is one of the most rewarding parts of this endeavoer. When we have events like the Soup Swap, I'm reminded once again why I'm doing this and how much it not only means to me, but how many people are craving a loving, creative community in their lives too. I've been wanting to create an event just for our incredible volunteers and supporters and I think we found our nitch. In fact, the Soup Swap worked so well that we plan on making this an annual winter event! Special thanks to Laura & Kara for their amazing help in organizing our very first one. We already can't wait for next year!

p.s. Kara put together an awesome soup recipe booklet from the Soup Swap and thought it would be fun to share it with you too!

p.s.s. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us here. We'd of course love to have you!

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