Thursday, February 28, 2013

a heartfelt message from amy butler

Hello My Dear Makerie Friends,

I'm super grateful for this opportunity to connect! I wanted to reach out to you and share some wonderful changes and evolutions with my participation in the upcoming Makerie weekend this April. I'm feeling that this weekend will be full of some seriously fabulous creative mojo, and also will be an opportunity to create community. We'll have lots of time to be with each other and share, and really get to know each other's hearts. I think it's inspiring to learn about our process and paths, how we each navigate our own unique creative experiences and how we navigate our lives. We are all tapping into following our hearts and paying attention to that inner voice that guides us and inspires us to take steps towards our dreams and to take steps that nurture our happiness and joy. To me that's what the spirit of the Makerie is all about, taking care of that spark inside and shining it up with lots of love and creative communion. If I may, I'd love to start the conversation about heart a little early. I've found myself in a place in my life where I've filled a bit too much on my plate and I've been working on simplifying the pieces in my life so I can really focus on my dreams and have enough energy and juice to extend my heart and hand in all the ways that make me happy. The big piece that I am temporarily putting on hold is my IntenSati teaching. I was scheduled to lead a class during my Makerie weekend and I have to let it go.

Prior to this April weekend I would have had to have received my ACE group fitness certification to teach outside of my home based on my teacher training from IntenSati. I had found myself over extended and feeling anxiety about "getting it all in." And I thought, wait a minute, something is not right, IntenSati is something I LOVE, adding it to my life should not be this hard. After taking a deep breath and reevaluating everything I have going on with my studio business, home life and relationships, I realized this may not be the time for me to teach and I came to the understanding that my Sati practice is meant to be shared in different ways and that this is something I can do easily and with love. I decided that I will save my teaching for down the road when it's the right time in my life. Once I made the decision I felt a rush of instant relief and knew that was a sign that my inner voice was pleased with my choices. My heart flew wide open and my breath deepened and I was overwhelmed with a rush of love and inspiration. Score 1 for the home team! It felt good to pay attention to my heart's guidance. I know this is a familiar story for all of us, we're always faced with making choices that supports our gifts and nurtures how we want to feel in our lives.There is so much we each need to care for and make room for in our lives; like our families, our art, our community and our health. Cultivating an inner conversation and awareness can be scary and exhilarating and it's all the sweeter when we can share our experiences among friends and kindred spirits. We are here to support each other and cheer for each other's brilliance, as each of us grows and shines we all grow and shine. And I can't wait to see your sparkle!!

So as one door closes another one opens and I am thrilled to share that Ali asked me to be the opening speaker when we start our magical weekend together! I am so happy I get a chance to share of myself ~ it's not my IntenSati class ~ but it's the right thing fitting into the right time and place.

I can't wait to meet all of you and to continue this conversation. I just know that we will all be expanded by our time together. And Oh man.... we are going to have FUN!
I'll see YOU soon!

Lots and Lots of Love,


  1. Thanks Amy for so thoughtfully extending yourself in the first place and then for being aware enough to know it was too much! I can't wait to spend a weekend absorbing that kind of awesome energy!

  2. Amy, I'm so proud of you for following your heart! It's hard to do sometimes, cause we don't want to let anyone down, but it's more important to do what's right for you! Much Love to you!