Friday, January 6, 2012

thoughts for 2012

When a new year arrives, I find myself pondering and wondering about a lot of questions. What will this year bring? Where will our favorite memories be had? Do new journeys and directions await? How will I change and what lessons will I learn? I'm not one to make a bunch of resolutions, but I love thinking about a new year as a fresh start. What I do know for sure is that this year so far I've been:

~ adopting the word 'simplify' as a word of focus for 2012 (I'm forever on a quest for ways to make life more simple) ~

~ reveling in the quiet time our little family had right after the new year in the majestic mountains of Colorado (I'm convinced the fresh mountain air does wonders for the soul!) ~

~ dreaming of getting a feather bed ~

~ putting the final touches on our Makerie promo video (we can't wait to share it with you!) ~

~ feeling super excited to be working with such an amazing group of artists & teachers! ~

~ getting some beautiful advice from this book ~

~ becoming more & more addicted to Pinterest, especially my cozy board ~

~ wishing I lived in a home tucked in the trees (like this) ~

~ really looking forward to the new elements we'll be bringing into this year's retreat (more soon!) ~

~ thinking about how grateful I am that I have such a hard working, supportive, sweet husband that encourages me to follow my dreams ~

~ putting this advice to use: approach everything with a beginners mind ~

~ trying to find the courage to cut my hair short (I always chicken out) ~

~ going to my new favorite exercise class yoga sculpt ~

~ jotting down a gazillion ideas ~

~ inpsired to draw again, thanks to the wonderful the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course ~

~ adding more things to my 'must make' list (does your list keep growing too?) ~

~ listening to crickets all night ~ yes this mama gave in & we added a pet gecko to the family, whose name is Cinnamon (after the homemade cinnamon rolls I make on Christmas morning) ~

~ marveling in the genuine love both my little ones have for our new pet ~

~ trying to meditate for 5 minutes a day (there ~ I said it! :) ~

~ worried about how our children's generation is going to manage and navigate not only the online world, but this fast-paced, harried speed of life we all seem to be going in (everyone seems busier than ever these days) ~

~ making a commitment to bring 'Slow Down Sundays' back into our family (we unplug from everything & just spend quality, slow paced time with each other. It feels amazing for everyone!) ~

~ feeling incredibly grateful, honored and overwhelmed by all of the enthusiasm around the Makerie (can someone pinch me please?) ~

I hope your year is off to a really wonderful start!


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