Friday, January 13, 2012

fabulous flora

image by Tara Morris
Flora is an international painting sensation, teaching her Bloom True workshops all over the world. Her unique approach to teaching combines her wealth of painting experience with yoga and massage therapy, which infuses her workshops with a deep connection to the mind, body and spirit. I love how she describes that by 'honoring intuition and celebrating the present moment, she helps her students overcome fear and welcome joyful spontaneous expression back into the creative process.' How incredible does that sound? She continues to inspire thousands of people and we feel quite lucky and honored that once again, Flora will be sharing her magic with us in April. Her class is currently sold out, but be sure to check out her new e-course and the brand new book ~ Brave Intuitive You ~ she just wrote. This woman continues to amaze me in countless ways!

Get to know the fantastic Flora below.

The first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Try to remember where I am! With so much traveling these days, I often waking up wondering what country I am in. After that is settled, I splash water on my face.
A fun tidbit people would never know about you?
I pretty much grew up at the YMCA because both my parents worked there. I got to go to as much camp as I wanted!
Some favorite ways to relax?
Yoga, lots of yoga and walks in the woods. OH, and sitting in my little hand built sauna in my backyard…a favorite winter activity.
What's for dinner? 
Ideally, something that someone else cooks for me. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m just not much of a cook, at least not recently.
The best advice you’ve received?
Louise Hay’s belief that the most important thing is to love yourself. Everything else works itself out if you are loving yourself first. 
What is the best meal you ever had? 
I’m sure it was probably sushi somewhere along the way.
What are you most excited about lately?
Collaboration in all sorts of ways. Sharing is caring. 
A favorite spot you’ve traveled to?
The Gili Islands in Lombok, Bali’s neighbor to the east.
What makes you laugh?
My friends---I seem to attract the funny ones. 

Your favorite way to make someone smile?
Random acts of kindness.
What, in your mind, is a recipe for disaster?
PMS, a thrown out back and Mercury in Retrograde…I only say this because it just happened!
Any tricks for finding life balance?
I prefer to seek harmony since balance seems pretty elusive these days (even for a Libra girl like myself).  Lately, I‘ve been trying to find harmony in every 24 hour period, one day at a time. I try to incorporate a bit of self care, a bit of creativity, a bit of worky work and a bit of fun. That’s the goal anyways.  
If the world ended tomorrow, what would upset you most about the person you didn’t get to become?
I would probably be bummed that I never had a child. 
Favorite books from your personal library?
100 years of solitude, Time travelers Wife, The Creative Habit, Sally Mann’s Immediate Family, The Essential Rumi, The Gift by Hafiz, Light on Yoga

Thank you Flora! 

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