Friday, February 11, 2011

sweet candy boxes

What a fantastic evening we had making these Valentine candy boxes! I came across this super sweet project last year & tagged it in my special tutorial folder. I was so glad I found it again because it was a lovely little project, perfect for little hands! I absolutely love spending creative time with my kiddos. Not only do I love creating side by side together, but I adore watching them light up with their own ideas and how proud they are of what they make. We used a combination of our own paper patterns we created in illustrator & some of these wonderful ones in red & pink shades (which if you are into cool patterns it's a must for your bookshelf!). Here they are! Are you working on any fun Valentine's Day projects? I'd love to hear about them! ~xo


  1. so so pretty.. just something about pretty pink and red and white together.. aaaaah!

  2. Hello... :)

    I just wanted to drop you a wee note to say thank you so much for nominating my flower garlands for the handmade olympics! I found out this morning that they have made it to the final voting stage, eeeek! I'm so excited and you have totally helped make my day... :)

    Wishing you the most fabulous day possible, thanks again... :)
    Emma, x