Friday, February 18, 2011

a little note from sweet sara

Our super sweet scholarship winner ~ Sara Guiffre

Throughout my childhood, my parents brought me to many Grateful Dead and Phish concerts and I would watch all of these beautiful women walking around in patchwork skirts. When I was in high school, I realized I couldn’t afford to buy one of those skirts, so I started learning how to sew. 

More recently I found the fabulous Fancy Tiger and my love for sewing was reignited. With all of those fabulous fabrics, how could I not be inspired?! I took a class at Fancy Tiger and a few months later, came home to a brand new sewing machine my boyfriend bought me for my birthday! Luckily I had great friendships that have supported my habit and hobby all along the way.

When I found out about The Makerie I was more than excited, but I absolutely knew I couldn’t make the financial commitment at this time. I loved the idea of spending a week with others that shared the same interest and passion for creating and learning. I was blown away when my roommate came home on Valentine’s Day (when I happened to be fairly sick) and told me I had won the scholarship to the retreat! I half didn’t believe him, since I was feverish and all.

Being able to express myself through sewing and make something with my own two hands is an incredible feeling. I can’t wait to hear this same passion from others while I attend the retreat. Not only am I blown away by the classes I’ll be able to take, but I am eager to meet new people, hear new ideas and share my passion with others.

Much Thanks!

Sara Guiffre

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