Friday, July 26, 2013

get to know the amazing alex

Alessandra Cave is not only an incredible photographer, but approaches her work with an open heart and keen eye for composition. In addition to her long list of accomplishments, Alex is about to add author to her name with her first book due out later in the year. (We can't wait!) We have had the privilege of having Alex teach at two of our Makerie weekend retreats and are thrilled to welcome her back to Colorado for a magical day on the farm for our last summer event of the season! Her Home Sweet Home workshop will guide students in capturing a visual narrative of what life at home means to each person and capturing the beauty of the everyday, a gift that will last far beyond the class itself.

Get to know the beautiful Alex below!


SARK is at the top of my inspiration library. When I first read Sark back in 2000 or so, my heart was split open. Meeting her later in 2003 was life changing. She is one of those people that walks around with a sparkly wand, touching people in a magical way.

A summer hike you love. 
Tennessee Valley near Mill Valley. It's a gorgeous walk with winding trails that overlook meadows and mountains, and it replete with wildflowers, frogs, lizards and pretty smells like eucalyptus and sage. It has sweeping views, a lagoon, and it ends at the ocean!

A favorite summer vegetable. 
Arugula & Avocado (I love them all year round, but especially in the summer!)

Favorite food hangout in town. 
San Francisco has so many good spots to eat and it is impssible to pick just one favorite place. But I'm really loving Off the Grid, which is a weekly event where lots of the amazing food trucks in town gather in one place for the evening. It's always a fun, relaxed way to feast outdoors. 

Water play scream summer.

A risk you’re glad you took.
All of them. I'm all about 'healthy' risk taking. Sometimes it takes time for a risk to shape into something good, but the journey makes us come out the other way feeling stronger.

A favorite gift you’ve received.
As vain as it sounds... My iPad. I just love that little thing! :)

What you love most about what you do.
It is the fact that I "love" what I do.

The most challenging or difficult part about what you do.
The challenge is that I can never turn it off, because I love it so much, I am always thinking, plotting, planning and living it.

The lesson I keep learning.
To let go.

Favorite go to outfit.
Sweater, jeans and boots.

Daily practice.
Patience. Kindness. Self-love.

Any tricks for finding life balance?
I think balance is a myth. But I do believe in becoming more aware of what feels good and making more room for it. I'm always so amazed at how wrapped up I can get with things that do not matter to me at all nor make me happy. So my goal is to always stay connected to what I'm inviting in and make more room for what feels right and joyful.


Thank you Alex! 

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