Friday, July 12, 2013

a brand new beautiful partnership!

Today we are thrilled and honored to announce a brand new partnership with Creativebug. We now have an official 'Makerie Channel' to bring you a taste of the Makerie experience all year long, featuring online classes by four of our outstanding teachers ~ Cal Patch, Elke Bergeron, Molly Hatch and Tamar Mogendorff.

The very first moment I layed eyes on what Creativebug was doing I knew they were up to everything good. I was immediately attracted to the professionalism and aesthetic of what they had built, and also equally loved the care and thoughtfulness that went into sharing each of the teacher's stories and the personal experience that created. Have you seen their outstanding roster of teachers and the wonderful variety of workshop offerings, including kids? It is second to none!

When we began discussing a partnership, it seemed like such a wonderful fit to work with the Creativebug team to bring the Makerie experience online, which included sharing our story too. Being quite shy at heart, the scariest part of it all was having to be in front the camera and try to describe all the Makerie meant to me. Coming from a girl who can barely breathe when faced with public speaking of any kind, you can imagine how difficult this was for me, but the talented Creativebug team made me feel really comfortable and it was actually fun! (no, I never thought I'd say that!) I am truly excited about the trailer they made and how they managed to capture the essence and heart of what the Makerie is all about.

So here we go! An enormous thank you to the Creativebug team for all their hard work and to our magnificent teachers who did double duty Makerie weekend to bring you their awesome online workshops. We hope you enjoy them in your own cozy homes and do tell us what you think! We'd love to hear.

Happy Weekend!


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