Thursday, January 31, 2013

our 2013 makerie sewing scholarship winner!

Allison Wurgler ~ our wonderful winner!

Just like the past two years, every single time I sat down to read and re-read our scholarship applications, tears came to my eyes. Every application was so lovingly put together and it was such a joy to open each one and read every thoughtful letter. From the heartfelt stories each person shared, I heard loud and clear how powerful and healing creativity is and can be in all of our lives and under many circumstances. Adding the quilt block element to this year's application process made it all come to life, as we got to know each beautiful applicant in such a unique way. Every quilt square was made with such love and it was amazing how clearly and creatively each personality shined through. Everyone who applied was extremely deserving of a creative weekend away, which once again, made our choice a very, very difficult one.

For those who submitted applications, a most sincere thank you for taking the time to apply and for the heart you put into your incredible quilt squares. They are treasures and will serve as reminders of many beautiful stories woven together. We will be creating a paper quilt out of all of them, to be displayed at the Old Glory Antiques Fair this summer. It's with true sincerity when I say I wish I could meet all of you in person to give you a giant hug to thank you for sharing your heart-warming stories with openness, bravery, honesty and love. 

So without further ado, it's now time to celebrate the winner of our 2013 Makerie Sewing Scholarship so generously provided by Holly and her marvelous Old Glory Antiques Fair!

a most heartfelt congratulations to

** Allison Wurgler **

this year's Makerie Sewing Scholarship recipient!

Allison was nominated by her wonderful husband, who wrote one of the most beautiful letters we had ever read. It truly touched our hearts and we couldn't be more excited to be able to share the Makerie Sewing experience with her. A heartfelt congratulations to Allison and enormous love and gratitude to the Old Glory Antiques Fair for making this scholarship possible, for the third year in a row! I have never met a more generous soul than Holly Kuhn, owner of the marvelous Old Glory Antiques shop and founder of the fair. Her support, even when the Makerie was just an infant, will forever be appreciated. It is our honor and pure delight to have Allison as a participant at the 2013 Makerie Sewing and now a very special part of our Makerie family. What an exciting day!

With love...


  1. Congrats Allison! Have a wonderful time!

  2. Congratulations Allison! Have a wonderful weekend on behalf of all entrants! Thank you Holly for making this possible for her, and for the fun it was to make the paper block- great idea! Much Love to all!

  3. Congratulations Allison. I'm a high school friend of your mom's...I'm guessing her good mothering got you to this moment! :-) Enjoy it.

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  5. Congrats to my beautiful and talented daughter! And to my wonderful son-in-law for being so great, loving, and supportive.
    (Hi, Jen!)