Friday, December 2, 2011

brave intuitive you

photo by Flora Bowley

I wanted to share some pretty exciting news about one of our amazing teachers ~ Flora Bowley ~ who has swiftly become a painting phenom. Those of you who will be taking Flora's Bloom True workshop with us in April are in for a treat ~ and quite a magical one at that. Flora has this incredible way of empowering everyone and has such a gift for bringing out a person's true, unique spirit through the painting process. I've seen it in action and it is just amazing to witness what happens to the students in her workshops. I feel so incredibly grateful she will be giving her Makerie students this gift once again this spring.

One of the many wonderful things I adore about Flora is how she openly shares her inspirational painting techniques with others and now she will be putting this offering into the world through her brand new e-course! If it wasn't so close to the Makerie, I'd be jumping at the chance to join in. It starts February 6th and runs for five weeks. She has partnered with the amazing Beth of Do What You Love and I can tell you that this is one powerful,  professional team that will deliver an e-course beyond your dreams. I can say this from first-hand experience, as I am currently taking Beth and Rachel's Surface Pattern Design Course (more on that later!) and it is fabulous on every level. I love how Flora describes why you should take her class:

"Because I believe making art should be a joyful process ~ not a struggle. I believe creating should be a time for letting go of fear, embracing the magical unknown, following intuition and existing in a universe where there are no mistakes. Right?" 

Huge congratulations to Flora and Beth for the launch of this amazing offering and for sharing more creativity with the world. You go girls! 


p.s. The first 100 people to sign up for Flora's e-course will receive her book for free. What a cool bonus! 

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