Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a leap of faith

photo by Linda Winski

Well I’ve had over two weeks to think about this post and I’m still having a hard time figuring out where to begin! The Makerie was truly one of the most special weekends I’ve ever had. It was filled with so much goodness from every corner and I still can’t get over the absolutely incredible group of people that gathered in Boulder for our very first event. I’m still pinching myself. Just one amazing person after another showed up and truly brought their best, beautiful selves. The Makerie was really what I had imagined and hoped it would be ~ a beautiful setting, inspiring, loving teachers, absolutely amazing sponsors, wonderful workshops, healthy food, amy krouse rosenthal, our very own craft boutique, and an incredible handmade market to top off the weekend. I just don’t know how to thank everyone enough for the magnificent moments you all created.

In thinking about this post, I wanted to back up a little and share a bit more of how the Makerie came to be. It was truly wonderful work, but certainly no easy feat. It was a roller coaster ride of excitement, fear, faith, joy, disappointment, trust, self-doubt, etc., and lots and lots of dreaming along the way. I have always been a dreamer, and I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had that I never followed through on, only to leave me guessing, 'What might have happened if I would have tried that?’ I’ll never know! Nothing excites me more than witnessing someone following their dreams. For so long, I have always been the one on the sidelines wishing I could follow my dreams too, but was never sure how to find the courage to do so. With each idea I had, it was always so much easier to come up with a million excuses for why not to do it. It wasn’t the right time, or it wouldn’t work because of ‘this’ or ‘that.' Somehow the Makerie was different. I had this nagging little voice that wouldn’t go away with this one. I had created the Makerie in my mind already (hundreds of times), and I just needed that little push to finally try. I can’t explain it, and there was not an ‘aha’ moment the pushed me forward, but merely a tug at my heart that could not be ignored. Somewhere I found a little fire to give this whole thing a go. Sure, I got the green light from many people I love and respect telling me I should do it, and the affirmations were lovely and felt really good, but at the end of day, I could not have done this unless I truly was the one making the ultimate decision to move forward. Was this an ideal time in our family for me to do this? Not really (but is it ever?). Did I have every piece in place when we announced the event date? Not even close. When we opened up registration, did my heart skip a beat when someone signed up? Every single time.

The reason I am sharing all of this with you is to tell you it's possible! So many things are possible when you listen to your heart and maybe by sharing a little part of my story, you will be inspired to try something you’ve always wanted to do too! I’m an everyday person just like you, who decided to take a leap of faith. Maybe this will encourage you to do the same? I have grown in so many ways through the process of planning the Makerie, and I know this event and the people I meet through it will continue to teach me lesson after lesson. I appreciate personal growth so much and am truly grateful to the Makerie for being a platfrom to help me learn invaluable things about life.

Your letters and emails and beautiful words have meant the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every one of them. Knowing that the Makerie experience was a gift to you is the greatest gift of all to me. That's the heart behind why I started it and the motivation to continue to grow it so we can give more people the precious gift of time and play.

It is my belief that if we can all find something we love, and actually do what we love, we will have a world filled with happy people. I love the sound of that.

With Love,

p.s. If you’d like more details about the 2011 Makerie, there have been beautiful blog posts written about the event that you can peek at right here under 'kind words.'

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