Wednesday, March 2, 2011

beckoning the lovely....

I am really (REALLY!) honored to share with you that the abundantly inspiring Amy Krouse Rosenthal is going to be part of the inaugural Makerie (and a big wonderful thank you to Old Glory Antiques for their help in supporting this!). Several years ago, I watched the Beckoning of Lovely for the very first time. It warmed my heart to no end, and yes, even brought tears to my eyes. I loved Amy's vision so much ~ her inclusiveness ~ her incredibly kind spirit ~ and the thoughtfulness that went into this entire project. It spoke so beautifully to the everyday person and left me thinking... why can't our world be just like the Beckoning of Lovely? Is it so difficult to be kind to each other? Does it really take that much to go out of your way to make someone's day? Why can't we make do with what we already have? Although this video featured the community that gathered in Millennium Park, it spoke volumes to me about our entire universe and the power we all have to simply make it a better place.

I have watched the Beckoning of Lovely countless times, shared it with everyone I know, and even almost sent in some 'things I made' for the chance to be part of the film.

This is what happened on 9/9/09...

and latest evolution of the film on 10/10/10....

Every lovely message in Amy's films leaves quite an impression on me, and always has me asking myself, "How can I be a better participant in our world?" To be frankly honest, when I began envisioning the Makerie, I had this tiny wish of her somehow being a part of it. I had no idea how, but our visions seemed so aligned with how I pictured the Makerie ~ celebrating the everyday person, inspiring people to be the best they can be and the ultimate takeaway...

"make the most of your time here"

Amy is a person who likes to make things.

Some things she likes to make:
Children's books.
Grown-up books.
Short films.
TED Talks.
Connections with the universe.
Something out of nothing.

And one more thing to add is that she will be making the coolest, live Skype presentation around just for us! In keeping with the messages in the Beckoning of Lovely, her talk will be called:


I just couldn't think of a better person to help kick-off the Makerie than Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I am humbled, honored & seriously still pinching myself that this little dream I had has actually come true. I just know you will treasure everything she has to share.

Thank you Amy, from the bottom of my heart, for truly believing in what we are creating here and for your thoughtful, innovative idea of how to be part of our inaugural event. It means more to me than you will ever know!

P.S. Amy is leading the most incredible PUBLIC heART project at TEDActive this week. You must go & see!

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